About Cambridge LaunchPad

Cambridge LaunchPad is a movement led by science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) organisations, who invest their talent and resources to inspire young people into STEM careers. The programme provides students aged 8 to 18 with experiences and opportunities, and is designed to address the diversity issues which exist in STEM employment.

Our industry partners and partner schools are at the heart of the programme. By building bridges between education and employment, we can support and contribute to the growing demand for a skilled workforce in the Greater Cambridge region.


How the programme works

Cambridge LaunchPad is a 3-tiered scheme designed to excite, educate and encourage students from Year 4 all the way through to the end of Year 12.

Over the academic year, each of our industry partners host project days that give the students a chance to gain hands-on experience within a STEM field and build on what they may have learnt in the classroom.

During these events, the students are encouraged to develop and improve the Cambridge LaunchPad core skills. These are qualities that they will use throughout their everyday lives, such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and innovation.

The students that display these attributes or show improvement throughout the day will be chosen to attend our annual award ceremony to celebrate their personal development. As the Cambridge LaunchPad programme rewards through experiences, these students will also attend an educational prize trip, alongside the winning students from other project days.

Latest Tweets

It was such an interesting day and the students were delightful, engaging, engaged and focused. Not all the poppadoms survived, but it was such fun seeing the fabulous ideas. Smiles all round. https://t.co/2H1F6TqMe8

Who is getting the ‘Things’ list off the ground? @HerdsyHQ @Camb_LaunchPad @pragmatic_ltd @9barista @CambridgeMaskCo and @StartCodon are all on our #21toWatch ‘Things’ longlist https://t.co/QKlDmhRWW0

What happens when you combine some amazing Year 9 students, @MarshallADG and a rocket powered poppadom challenge? A whole lot of #STEM success!

Find out what happened at one of our latest project days here: https://t.co/a7sn4DB4VF

Year 10 students from @bottishamvc had an excellent time @horizonGenomics taking part in the @Camb_Launchpad event investigating a crime scene and successfully extracting DNA. Came away as winners. Thanks to all who helped to organise it. #careers #NCW2020

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Meet the Team

Cambridge LaunchPad is managed by Form the Future CIC, a social enterprise that aims to empower young people in their career choices and prepare them for the future.

Together with representatives from our Industry Partners, we ensure that our programme is efficiently governed and administered. We work closely with executive staff from our Founding Partners to form our Steering Committee, who ensure our mission is delivered in line with our values. Our Management Committee work to drive the programme forward and develop our strategies and procedures. All of our Industry Partners are invited to join our Operations Committee, which gives them a platform to share ideas, learnings and resources.

Molly Askham

Molly Askham
STEM Outreach Project Manager

Dedicated project management is provided by Molly with support from the wider Form the Future team, including Co-Founders and Directors, Anne Bailey and Michaela Eschbach, Marketing & Communications Manager, Michelle Yung and Administrator, Cecile Freby.

If you would like to find out more about Cambridge LaunchPad, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

We are absolutely brimming with pride and overwhelmed by the number of companies within the Cambridge and Greater Cambridge STEM communities that share the Cambridge LaunchPad objective – to inspire, enthuse and educate our local young people. Without all of our contributing partners, notably our Founding Partners Arm, Marshall, Schlumberger and TTP Group, Cambridge LaunchPad would not be able to engage in the way it does to shape the future of local students and the STEM sector. This year marks the start of a new phase for Cambridge LaunchPad and we are delighted to be a part of the changes and to see it go from strength to strength.Michaela Eschbach, Co-founder of Form the Future CIC