Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology introduce Year 5 students to Water for the World

Year 5 students from The Spinney Primary School were treated to a STEM outreach day at Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, (CAST) where they had the opportunity to meet and work with Year 12 students that are studying STEM subjects at A-level.

Alistair Easterfield, Assistant Head Teacher at CAST, said

Year 12 students of CAST are so passionate about their subject so this day was a great opportunity to extend their enthusiasm and inspire other students. A huge thank you to the Spinney Primary school for joining us.

The day started with a session that introduced the global water crisis and compared how access to safe, clean water varies across the world. The students then took part in an activity to design a water filter using different materials, depending on which resources are available in different countries.

Year 12 Student Ambassadors at CAST, said

Choosing the topic and helping to design the day was a good way to conclude on our project. The highlight of the day was being able to do hands-on activities and seeing how they learnt and adapted throughout the challenges.

The students then rotated through a series of hands-on activities that included looking at water-dwelling organisms under a microscope, measuring water quality by testing for pollutants and particulates, and designing a healthy river bed by placing logs and rocks at ideal points to improve water flow and prevent dams building up. The children loved all the activities, particularly donning their lab coats and protective glasses.

A Year 5 student from The Spinney Primary School, said

I am really enjoying my day, especially the water filters because I got to work with people that I wouldn’t normally at school. I like Cambridge LaunchPad because you can get really involved with the activities, it’s such a good chance to do lots of science which I love.

The students that showed off their enthusiasm, teamwork and creativity were selected to attend a prize trip that will take place in July, alongside Year 4–6 students from other schools that are taking part in Cambridge LaunchPad. This programme, which is managed by Form the Future CIC, aims to excite, educate, enthuse young people with STEM, and show how science and technology can affect their everyday lives.

Molly Askham, STEM Outreach Assistant at Form the Future, said

It was great to see the excitement and enthusiasm of all the students, both Y5 and Y12, with everyone getting stuck into the hands-on activities. This project day was a great opportunity for the younger students to take what they are learning at school and apply it to real-life situations. By working with older student ambassadors, it really gave them an insight into where STEM can take them, not only in their later school life but also in future careers options.

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